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Blue Dream Auto is a Sativa-dominant autoflower that's easy to grow, producing massive buds with a fruity and floral terpene profile. Ready for harvest in just 9-11 weeks, this strain is perfect for commercial growers looking for high yields and potency. The heavy yields and high-quality sugar leaf make it ideal for extraction, and it's well-suited for beginners who want to try a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

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Vibrant Buds

Blue Dream Auto's buds are bulky and long, with a light feel. The calyxes bulge out, resulting in pointy buds glistening with trichomes. Up close, the buds are a mixture of green, purple, and thick orange hairs, creating a colorful and sweet-smelling bouquet.

Energetic Smoke

With its high potency, Blue Dream Auto offers powerful, upbeat, and energetic effects. The physical effects are light, complementing the cerebral high nicely. This strain is perfect for starting the day, socializing with friends, enjoying long walks, sunny beach days, and enhancing creativity for musicians and artists.

Plant Structure

Blue Dream Auto grows rapidly, developing into a bushy plant with thin, long leaves. It reaches a height of 110cm and produces harvests of 450-600g/m. Ideal for commercial growers, this productive hybrid is filled with resin-drenched nugs from every site on the plant by harvest time.

Grow Tips for Optimal Results

Blue Dream Auto thrives with frequent watering and can handle a heavy nutrient solution. Follow these tips for the best results:
  • Train the plant during the first 3-4 weeks to open up the canopy.
  • Use minimal L.S.T to increase light exposure to the tops.
  • Prepare a bamboo trellis, net, or tomato cage to support large buds.
  • Prune lower parts of the plant before blooming to focus energy on top buds.
This strain may require more patience to trim but produces a high amount of sugar leaf, making it great for hash makers.

Flavor Profile

Blue Dream Auto offers a delightful fruity and floral flavor, with hints of ripe cherry, orange, citrus, and pine. The smooth and tropical terpenes keep the palate guessing with each puff, making it a great strain to share with friends.


Blue Dream Auto stands out as an exceptional Sativa-dominant hybrid, perfect for both commercial and novice growers. Its vibrant buds, energetic effects, and delightful flavor make it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you're growing for extraction or simply to enjoy a flavorful smoke, Blue Dream Auto is a fantastic choice.

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