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Bruce Banner Auto offers an incredibly productive harvest with up to 600g and remarkable trichome production, coating buds in a dense layer of resin. This slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid boasts 25% THC, providing a motivated, calm, and stress-free high that lasts for hours. Growing between 110-150cm, this strain develops multiple flowering sites with bright green buds and a terpene profile of sweet berries and diesel, making it perfect for extractions.

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Exceptional Bud Description

Expect light-green stacked flowers with chunky calyxes adorned with dark brown hairs and lime-green leaves. The impressive resin production creates a thick layer, giving the buds a white appearance. The strain stands out for its delicate yet pungent aroma of fresh forest berries mixed with diesel and a touch of sweetness, delighting even the most experienced terpene enthusiasts.

Smoke Report: Perfect for Focus and Relaxation

Ideal for those seeking to overcome minor distractions and stress, Bruce Banner Auto provides a happier state of mind and hours of relaxation while boosting creativity. It's perfect for alleviating anxiety, pain, and negativity, helping you get back to your daily routine with ease.

Plant Appearance: Tall and Bushy

Bruce Banner Auto grows tall and bushy, with thin-fingered, large fan leaves and a main cola that can reach up to 150cm, surrounded by several side branches. This variety combines the best traits of both Indica and Sativa, featuring long, homogeneous side branches enveloped in buds by harvest time and a compact structure suitable for any grower.

Grow Tips for Optimal Yield

Ensure you have enough space for this tall and bushy plant to avoid space issues during the grow cycle. Space out the branches by tying them down or using a Scrog net to ensure light and air reach all flowering sites, preventing mold and underdeveloped buds. Keep your trim bin ready for the resin-covered sugar and larger leaves, perfect for strong and tasty extractions.

Flavor Profile: Sweet and Earthy

Bruce Banner Auto boasts a complex terpene profile with flavors resembling a true gassy strain but with a distinctive sweetness and an earthy, fresh berry taste. The smoke is smooth and enjoyable, making this strain a favorite for many.

Packaging and Authenticity

Bruce Banner Auto seeds come sealed to ensure authenticity, featuring waterproof coating, aluminum interior lining, protective sticker, QR code, and a scratchable serial number.


Bruce Banner Auto is a top choice for growers seeking high yields, exceptional resin production, and a potent, long-lasting high. With its delightful aroma, complex flavor profile, and robust growth, this strain is perfect for both novice and experienced growers. Whether you're looking to alleviate stress, boost creativity, or enjoy a flavorful smoke, Bruce Banner Auto is a fantastic option.

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