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For two decades, New York City Diesel has reigned supreme as a beacon of excellence among cannabis strains, captivating enthusiasts with its unparalleled taste and potent allure. Originating from the visionary breeders at Soma Seeds in the late 1990s, this legendary strain swiftly ascended to prominence, earning accolades and adoration from cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. A hybrid of Mexican Sativa and Afghani landrace indica, boasting a 60/40 Sativa to Indica ratio and up to 0.20% CBD, NYC Diesel embodies the essence of urban sophistication and natural resilience.

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Aroma and Taste: A Tropical Symphony

Immerse yourself in the exotic fragrance of NYC Diesel, a tantalizing blend of spicy tropical grapefruit that delights the senses and lingers in the air. Elevate your spirits with its uplifting high, inducing smiles and laughter while instilling a sense of blissful euphoria that endures for hours. With THC levels averaging between 18-24% and CBD content surpassing 1%, NYC Diesel delivers a potent yet balanced experience, ideal for daytime consumption among those seeking creativity and well-being.

Cultivating NYC Diesel Seeds: Stability and Vigor

Experience the stability and uniformity of NYC Diesel's growth from seed, thriving in warm environments with ample ventilation. Witness the towering stature of this strain, adorned with monstrous colas boasting resinous calyxes that emit a powerful aroma throughout cultivation. With a flowering period of 10-12 weeks indoors and a harvest window extending from late October to early November outdoors, NYC Diesel yields generous crops of forest green buds with ruby-colored hairs, exuding fluffy textures and intense aromatics. Whether indoors or outdoors, expect yields of 14oz/m2 and 12+oz per plant, respectively, culminating in a harvest of unparalleled quality and potency.

Embrace the Authentic: NYC Diesel Super Strain

Step into the realm of authenticity with NYC Diesel, a strain that transcends mere imitation, offering a truly remarkable experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Bid farewell to imitation diesel hybrids and embrace the unparalleled quality and flavor of NYC Diesel, a strain that stands as a testament to two decades of excellence and innovation in the cannabis world.

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