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Experience the fusion of legendary genetics with Pineapple Haze, a supreme Sativa dominant hybrid born from the union of earthy Afghan x Skunk#1 and spicy Old School Haze. This exquisite blend yields a bountiful harvest, boasting delectable pineapple flavors paired with a heavenly cerebral high.

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Cultivation Mastery

Pineapple Haze thrives both indoors and outdoors, rewarding growers with abundant yields and resilient plants. Indoors, expect an average yield of 600g/m2, which can escalate up to 700g/m2 with an extended pre-flowering period. Outdoors, this strain flourishes in most climates, with harvests of up to 1.5 kg per plant not uncommon. Mold-resistant and hardy, Pineapple Haze is a joy to cultivate, even for novice growers.

To optimize growth, maintain EC levels at a maximum of 1.70 Ec during the flowering period, ensuring the plant reaches its full potential.

Genetic Profile

Is Pineapple Haze an Indica or Sativa? Pineapple Haze - Regular strain by Barneys Farm is predominantly Sativa, with a genetic composition of 65% Sativa and 35% Indica.

Seed Storage and Germination

For proper storage of Pineapple Haze - Regular seeds, keep them cool, dark, and airtight in a labeled container, ideally in a refrigerator. Avoid freezing to maintain seed viability.

When germinating Pineapple Haze - Regular seeds, consider the paper towel method. Place the seeds between damp paper towels, keep them in a warm, dark place, and ensure they remain moist. Once germinated, gently transfer them to soil or a suitable growth medium.

Optimal Germination Temperature

Pineapple Haze - Regular cannabis seeds germinate best in temperatures ranging from 70F to 90F (21C to 32C). Avoid temperatures below 70F or above 90F, as they can hinder or compromise healthy germination.

Final Thoughts

Remember, Pineapple Haze - Regular strain cannabis seeds are sold strictly for souvenirs, storage, and genetic preservation purposes. Embark on a journey of cultivation and exploration, preserving the legacy of this exceptional strain for generations to come.

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