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  • Mystic Aesthetics: Black Widow plants are visually striking, with a contrast of deep green leaves and a heavy dusting of white trichomes, reminiscent of a spider's delicate web.
  • Sweet Skunky Scent: The aroma blends sweetness with a skunky sharpness, creating a complex scent profile that is both invigorating and pungent.
  • Resilient Growth: These seeds produce robust plants that stand strong against environmental stresses, making them a reliable choice for a variety of growing conditions.

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Black Widow seeds weave a web of mystique and potency in the garden, yielding plants with a dramatic interplay of white crystal trichomes against dark green foliage. Renowned for their potent bite, these seeds develop into plants that emit a pungent, sweet-yet-skunky aroma, captivating those who dare to cultivate this formidable strain. Black Widow is a hardy cultivar, resilient against pests and molds, making it a formidable choice for both novice and experienced growers. The effects are intensely euphoric, offering a cerebral journey that's both uplifting and insightful.

The Enigmatic Black Widow: A Potent Indica Marvel

Our Black Widow emerges as a near-pure indica powerhouse, boasting exceptional productivity and rapid flowering. Born from the intricate crossing of a White Widow and Misty, two revered indicas renowned for their exceptional traits. The genetic legacy of Misty, a groundbreaking strain of the 80s, courses through its veins, enhancing its potency and allure.

One of the standout features of Black Widow is its elevated CBD content, elevating it to the ranks of the finest marijuana seeds coveted for therapeutic applications.

Cultivation Insights

This cultivar flourishes into a robust, compact specimen, adorned with dense foliage and sturdy, woody stems. Sporting broad, veiny leaves, it exhibits a short internodal distance, fostering the development of copious, rock-hard buds.

Indoor and outdoor flowering periods span between 55 to 65 days, ensuring a swift turnaround for eager cultivators.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

Black Widow exudes a captivating bouquet, characterized by a potent floral aroma intertwined with hints of fresh mint and forest peat. This aromatic symphony demands the use of an active carbon filter to manage its intensity.

Upon tasting, the strain leaves a lasting impression with its distinctive minty aftertaste, tantalizing the palate with each exhale.

Cultivation Tips

Indoor cultivation limits Black Widow's height to a maximum of one meter, thriving under artificial light and organic fertilizers. However, vigilance against high humidity during late flowering stages is imperative. While resilient against pests, it exhibits moderate susceptibility to fungal infections.

In outdoor settings, this variety can reach heights of 1.5-2 meters, relishing maximum sun exposure during late flowering to combat humidity. Quality fertilizers enhance bud development, ensuring a flavor-rich harvest.

Legal Disclaimer

As advocates of responsible cultivation, we remind enthusiasts that these cannabis seeds are intended for collectors' use only. Prior to cultivating marijuana seeds, it's crucial to acquaint oneself with the prevailing legislation governing cannabis cultivation in your jurisdiction. We absolve ourselves of any liability arising from the illicit use of these seeds.

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