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Discover the allure of Durban Poison, a beloved sativa-dominant hybrid renowned for its robust genetics and unique terpene profile. With its spicy, hazy taste and uplifting effects, this strain has garnered a dedicated following among cannabis enthusiasts.

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Taste and Aroma

Durban Poison offers a complex aroma with hints of aniseed, liquorice, lemon, and cloves, making it a favorite among discerning growers. The buds are dense for a sativa, with vigorous plants and numerous side branches.

Growing Characteristics

Adaptable to both indoor and outdoor environments, Durban Poison is a classic strain that thrives in various conditions. With origins in South Africa, this strain has been adapted over generations to withstand windy and rainy climates.


The effects of Durban Poison are typically sativa, providing users with a strong, uplifting, and energizing high. It's perfect for staying productive throughout the day or completing creative tasks. The initial burst of energy can be followed by more sedative effects with larger amounts.


Expect XXL harvests of high-quality cannabis, with yields ranging from 450 to 650 grams per square meter. The plant produces heavy, resinous buds that are dense and aromatic.

Expert Advice

Durban Poison is suitable for growers of all levels, from beginners to experts. Indoor growers may benefit from techniques such as topping or fimming to increase lateral growth, while outdoor growers should ensure ample space for the plant to thrive.

More Information

Durban Poison is a classic strain with a relatively fast flowering time for a sativa-dominant variety. The calyx-to-leaf ratio is high, making trimming fast and easy. With its distinct look and smell, Durban Poison is an unforgettable addition to any grower's collection.

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