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Delve into the depths of powerful cerebral effects with MK Ultra, a strain named after the notorious methods of mental manipulation employed by the CIA's Project MK Ultra. This indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between OG Kush and G-13, packs a hypnotic punch, earning its reputation as one of the strongest indicas available. Bred by T.H. Seeds, MK Ultra claimed 1st place Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and 2nd place in 2004.

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Aroma and Flavor

Prepare for a unique olfactory experience with MK Ultra, characterized by an aroma reminiscent of burning plastic infused with lemon and diesel undertones. The lingering aftertaste offers a piney, earthy sweetness with a touch of mustiness, leaving a lasting impression. Despite its intense aroma, the smoke of MK Ultra is remarkably smooth.

Effects of MK Ultra

Indulge in the hypnotic effects of MK Ultra, which swiftly envelop the mind with a heavy, sedating sensation. Perfect for combating insomnia, this strain induces a profound couch-lock, relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Users often report feelings of giddiness and happiness, making it effective in alleviating symptoms of depression.

THC / CBD Levels

With a THC content averaging around 18% and minimal CBD levels of 0.1%, MK Ultra delivers a potent psychoactive experience ideal for medicinal and recreational use.

Medical Applications

Harness the stress-relieving and anti-anxiety properties of MK Ultra for evening and nighttime relief. Its relaxing effects make it a valuable ally in managing various medical conditions.

Growing MK Ultra Seeds

Experience the compact stature of MK Ultra plants, reaching heights of 100 120cm. These feminized seeds produce sticky, resin-coated buds ideal for indoor cultivation. With a flowering period of 8-9 weeks and an above-average yield of 350gm per square meter, MK Ultra promises a rewarding growing experience. Embark on your journey with MK Ultra seeds and discover the hypnotic allure of this exceptional strain.

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