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Embark on a sensory adventure with Mimosa, a strain that marries beauty with taste in a dazzling display. Dive into the world of Mimosa and uncover the secrets of its genetics, effects, and cultivation peculiarities.

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The Genetic Symphony: Purple Punch meets Clementine

Witness the harmonious fusion of two botanical titans: Purple Punch and Clementine. Mimosa emerges as the offspring of this illustrious lineage, boasting dense, frosted buds adorned with patches of deep purple and verdant green, punctuated by bursts of vibrant orange pistils. Her aesthetic allure is a testament to the visual splendor inherited from her distinguished parents, each renowned for their captivating beauty and tantalizing aromas.

A Taste of Bliss: Effects and Flavors Unveiled

Prepare for a journey into the realm of euphoria and relaxation with Mimosa. With THC levels reaching an impressive 22% and CBG levels standing at 1%, this strain delivers a potent punch that induces a state of blissful tranquility. In higher doses, experience a soothing, physical embrace as muscles melt away, enveloped by waves of introspective euphoria. Myrcene, the earthy terpene prevalent in Mimosa, lends itself to these dreamy effects, offering a tranquil sanctuary for the mind and body. Indulge your senses in Mimosa's tantalizing terpene profile, a symphony of citrus fruits harmonizing with earthy undertones. Whether savored through smoking, vaping, or infused into delectable baked goods, Mimosa's rich flavor bomb promises a refreshing burst of sensory delight.

Cultivating Creativity: Growing Traits Unveiled

For enthusiasts captivated by Mimosa's allure, cultivation is a rewarding endeavor waiting to unfold. Indoors, this cultivar flourishes to a modest height of 80cm, yielding a bountiful harvest of 400g/m after a flowering period of 910 weeks. Alternatively, embrace the elements and cultivate Mimosa outdoors, where plants stretch to a height of 100cm, yielding a generous bounty of 550g per plant by mid-October. Whether indoors or outdoors, Mimosa invites growers to cultivate creativity and reap the rewards of their botanical craftsmanship.

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