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Feast your senses on the luscious delight that is Cherry Pie. Picture a dessert fit for royalty, now imagine it in the form of a strain. Welcome to the world of Cherry Pie, where each toke is a journey into the realms of fruit-filled euphoria and baked goodness.

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The Origins: A Fusion of Potent Lineages

Step into the botanical laboratory where the magic of Cherry Pie begins. This delectable strain emerges from a union between the illustrious Granddaddy Purple, renowned for its sedative properties, and the invigorating Durban Poison, a treasure from the South African sativa realm. The result? A genetic masterpiece boasting 60% indica dominance and 40% sativa vibrance, carefully crafted by the artisans at RQS.

Experience the Symphony of Effects and Flavors

Prepare for a sensory voyage unlike any other. With an average THC content hovering around 20%, Cherry Pie is no ordinary treat. It unveils its charms swiftly, initiating a cerebral dance that swiftly transcends into a harmonious balance of creativity and tranquility. Whether you're seeking solace in solitude, embarking on artistic endeavors, or simply enjoying the company of kindred spirits, Cherry Pie seeds promise a euphoric journey. As you inhale, savor the symphony of flavors that dance upon your palate. Fruity berry notes, a nod to its name, intertwine with whispers of vanilla and cookies, crafting a tapestry of sweetness underscored by earthy undertones. Each puff is a revelation, a testament to the intricate craftsmanship behind Cherry Pie's genetic lineage.

Cultivating Cherry Pie: A Gardener's Delight

For the green-thumbed enthusiasts, cultivating Cherry Pie is a gratifying endeavor. Whether nestled indoors or flourishing under the open sky, these resilient plants thrive with minimal intervention. Watch as they unfurl into robust specimens, adorned with a bounty of dense buds, within a mere 89 weeks of flowering. Indoor gardens boast a modest stature, reaching heights of up to 120cm and yielding up to 450g/m of premium buds. Meanwhile, outdoor cultivators are rewarded with towering plants, reaching heights of 180cm and yielding up to 500g/plant by early October. Witness the transformation as Cherry Pie matures, emanating fruity aromas and displaying verdant hues that beckon to be savored.

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