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Experience the allure of Granddaddy Purple, a beloved indica-dominant hybrid cherished for its majestic plants and potent buds. With large yields and an easy-growing nature, GDP promises a rewarding cultivation journey and a deeply satisfying smoking experience.

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The Genetic Tapestry of Granddaddy Purple Seeds

Delve into the complex pedigree of Granddaddy Purple, a harmonious blend of Purple Urkle and Big Bud genetics. Combining the rich heritage of Mendocino Purps, Afghan, and Skunk, this strain embodies a genetic profile of 75% indica and 25% sativa, offering a perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria.

A Symphony of Aromas and Flavors

Prepare your senses for a flavorful journey with Granddaddy Purple, as it delights with a fruity and sweet terpene profile. Indulge in the enticing aromas of blueberries, fruit, and candy, complemented by a hint of refreshing pine. Upon ingestion, GDP envelops users in a powerful and deeply relaxing physical stone, accompanied by a lifted mood. Ideal for unwinding after a long day, this strain is a superb choice for nighttime relaxation.

Cultivating Granddaddy Purple: A Delightful Journey

Whether in the grow room or garden, Granddaddy Purple is a joy to cultivate. With sturdy and low-maintenance plants reaching medium heights of 80–120cm indoors and 120–150cm outdoors, GDP offers versatility and reliability. Expect rewarding yields of up to 450–500g/mē indoors after 8–10 weeks of flowering, while outdoor harvests can yield up to 500–600g/plant by the beginning of October.

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