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Jack Herer Auto is a celebrated strain, known for its perfectly sized, sativa-dominant plants and impressive yields. With a short lifespan of just 9 weeks, this strain can produce yields of 400-500 grams per square meter, making it ideal for commercial growers. Despite its strong effects, Jack Herer Auto offers a balanced experience, combining the best of indica and sativa without being overpowering.

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Bud Description

The buds of Jack Herer Auto are long, fat, and packed with swollen calyxes. These large buds are adorned with bright orange hairs and drenched in trichomes, giving them a striking appearance. The structure leans more towards sativa, with large and dense buds that are truly impressive.

Smoke Report

Smoking Jack Herer Auto provides a very pleasant experience, allowing you to quickly unwind while maintaining a focused and alert mindset. The balanced effects make it perfect for those with a low tolerance or new to cannabis. The uplifting and euphoric effects make it great for starting the day with a clear head, getting through a long day stress-free, and enhancing creativity for gaming, musicians, and artists.

Plant Appearance

Jack Herer Auto is a medium-sized strain, growing between 70-90cm in height. Despite its sativa background, it can produce exceptional yields even in small spaces. The plant develops multiple side branches that fill out from top to bottom over 9 weeks. When flowering begins, expect a prolific amount of white pistils, indicating high productivity. Trichomes ooze from every part of the buds, making this strain ideal for hash enthusiasts. The aroma during blooming is a delightful mix of peppery, spicy, fruity notes with hints of mango and citrus.

Reliable and Secure Packaging

To ensure authenticity, Jack Herer Auto seeds are securely packaged. Each package includes: - Waterproof coating - Aluminum interior lining - Protective sticker - QR code - Scratchable serial number

Growing Tips for Success

Jack Herer Auto can be grown closely together in a Sea of Green setup and multiple times per year outdoors. This strain performs well in both cold and hot climates, making it versatile for various growing conditions. Although trimming the buds may take a bit longer, the reward is an abundance of sugar leaves, perfect for making hash. Be sure to have your trim buckets ready.

Flavor Profile

Jack Herer Auto offers a unique and complex flavor profile, combining earthy-sweet notes with smooth spiced pepper and citrus edges. The savory-sweet flavor expresses the full spectrum of floral and fruit terpenes, resulting in a mix of sweet, peppery, fruity, and spicy tastes.


Jack Herer Auto is an award-winning strain that delivers impressive yields and a balanced sativa-indica experience. Its ease of growth, robust flavor profile, and pleasant effects make it an excellent choice for both commercial and personal growers. Whether you're a novice or experienced grower, Jack Herer Auto provides a rewarding cultivation and consumption experience.

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