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Sour Diesel Autoflower Seeds

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Original Auto Sour Diesel is an autoflowering strain beloved by West Coast cannabis enthusiasts. Known for its pungent, sour terpene profile, this sativa-dominant hybrid is ideal for growers seeking powerful flavors in a short time frame. Despite its sativa genetics, it has a quick flowering time of just 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, making it perfect for those who want a rapid turnaround.

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Budding Brilliance

Original Auto Sour Diesel features a jagged bud structure with long, elongated nugs. The calyxes form a star-like pattern, displaying a lime green hue beneath a silver trichome blanket. These dense, hard buds have an enticing bag appeal and are coated in greasy resin, exuding strong aromas of gas, citrus, and fuel.

Invigorating Effects

Don't be deceived by its sour, pungent, and chemical fuel aroma; Original Auto Sour Diesel delivers a soaring, cerebral high typical of sativa strains. This strain enhances creativity, energy levels, and motivation, making it ideal for socializing, working on creative projects, or gaming.

Plant Characteristics

This strain grows tall, up to 120cm, due to its sativa influence. It features medium-sized internodal spacing with numerous side branches. When in bloom, Original Auto Sour Diesel can yield 450-550g/m of large, dense nugs, making it a high-producing autoflowering strain.

Advanced Growing Tips

Original Auto Sour Diesel is best suited for experienced growers. Here are some tips to maximize your yield:
  • Perform low-stress training (LST) to manage its height and promote larger colas.
  • Tie down long side branches to focus the plant's energy on producing huge buds.
  • Prepare for a significant amount of leaf and sugar trim, perfect for hash making and extraction.
  • Outdoors, this hybrid excels in hotter climates but can also tolerate cold nights, developing a striking dark purple color.
  • Feed nutrients generously, but stop late in the flowering stage to improve the final taste, ash quality, and overall experience.

Complex Flavor Profile

Original Auto Sour Diesel offers a rich flavor profile with a blend of sandalwood, pepper, and earth, accented by sour citrus notes. It stands out in the terpene department, representing the classic fuel and gas cultivars beloved by many.


Original Auto Sour Diesel is a must-try for those who appreciate pungent, fuel-like aromas and flavors. Its rapid growth, high yield, and powerful sativa effects make it a favorite among commercial growers and extraction enthusiasts. Whether you're an experienced grower looking for a new challenge or a fuel terpene lover seeking intense flavors, Original Auto Sour Diesel is a fantastic choice.

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