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Renowned worldwide, White Widow stands as a legendary strain in the cannabis community. At Royal Queen Seeds, we've crafted our own version of this iconic cultivar using White Widow S1 genetics. With a genetic balance of 50% indica and 50% sativa, our White Widow offers a harmonious blend of effects that appeal to both indica and sativa enthusiasts.

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A Dutch Classic with Mysterious Origins

While the exact origins of White Widow remain shrouded in mystery, one thing is certain: it's a Dutch classic. Legend has it that White Widow emerged when a sativa landrace from Brazil was crossed with an indica from Kerala, southern India. This careful breeding resulted in resin-rich cannabis plants that captured the hearts of growers and smokers alike.

Growing White Widow Seeds

Our White Widow feminized seeds produce plants that reach about 1m tall indoors and up to 2m outdoors. They thrive in well-lit environments and can tolerate colder climates, making them suitable for growers in regions like France, the UK, and the Netherlands. Indoor growers can expect yields of 450–500g/m˛ under a 600W light, while outdoor harvests can reach 550–600g/plant. With a flowering time of 8–10 weeks, White Widow is low-maintenance and ideal for novice growers.

A Versatile Strain with High Yields

White Widow's adaptable growth pattern makes it suitable for various cultivation techniques, including SOG and ScrOG. While untrained plants develop a large central cola, training methods such as topping and LST can optimize bud production and canopy airflow. The result? Abundant bud sites and impressive yields, even in cooler climates.

An Invigorating High and Distinctive Flavor

White Widow delivers a potent, almost psychedelic high that begins with a cerebral rush, leaving users feeling uplifted and motivated. Its clean, pine-fresh flavor with citrus undertones adds to the invigorating experience. With high levels of myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene, White Widow boasts a complex flavor profile characterized by spice, earthiness, and pepper notes.

An Ideal Companion for Busy Days and Creative Projects

Whether you're tackling a busy day or diving into a creative endeavor, White Widow provides the perfect companion. Its stimulating high keeps you focused and motivated, making it ideal for daytime use. Plus, its aromatic profile enhances savory edibles, adding a pungent kick to your culinary creations. With Royal Queen Seeds' White Widow feminized seeds, you're not just getting another variation of this classic strain—you're experiencing old-school genetics in a next-gen package that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

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