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Moby Dick Autoflower seeds are a powerhouse combination of the legendary White Widow and Haze strains, integrated with ruderalis to provide autoflowering capabilities. This genetic blend creates a robust sativa-dominant hybrid, retaining the best traits of its parents while adding the ease of autoflowering growth.

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Distinctive Aroma and Flavor

The aroma and flavor profile of Moby Dick Autoflower are both complex and enticing. Expect a strong citrus scent reminiscent of lemons, complemented by hints of pine and subtle eucalyptus. The taste follows suit with a creamy vanilla essence and earthy undertones, providing a refreshing and invigorating experience.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Moby Dick Autoflower thrives in warm, dry climates but is adaptable enough for various growing environments. Indoors, these plants benefit from an 18-6 light cycle, reaching heights of up to 150 cm. Outdoors, they can stretch even further, making them a versatile choice for growers with different space constraints. Implementing low-stress training techniques can help manage their size and maximize yield.

Flowering Time and Harvest Potential

This strain has a relatively short flowering time, requiring just 10 to 12 weeks from germination to harvest. Indoor yields can range from 400 to 500 grams per square meter, while outdoor plants can produce up to 230 grams each. The dense, resinous buds are ideal for both smoking and making extracts, providing a high yield of potent flowers.

Therapeutic Effects and Usage

With THC levels ranging from 24% to 27%, Moby Dick Autoflower offers a potent and balanced high. Users experience an uplifting and energetic cerebral effect, making it ideal for daytime use and social settings. This strain is also known for its therapeutic benefits, helping to alleviate stress, depression, fatigue, and chronic pain. Despite its high potency, the balanced sativa-indica effects prevent overwhelming sedation.

Ideal for Experienced Growers

While Moby Dick Autoflower is relatively easy to grow, it does require attention and care, making it a better choice for growers with some experience. Regular irrigation and proper nutrient management are crucial for maximizing growth and yield. This strain's resilience against pests and molds makes it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Versatile Medicinal Benefits

The high THC content, combined with its uplifting and relaxing effects, makes Moby Dick Autoflower suitable for a variety of medicinal uses. It is particularly effective in managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. The strain's ability to stimulate appetite and relieve nausea also makes it beneficial for patients undergoing treatments that affect their appetite.


Moby Dick Autoflower seeds offer a robust, high-yielding strain with a unique flavor profile and potent effects. Its ease of growth and resilience make it a great choice for both novice and experienced growers. Whether for therapeutic purposes or recreational enjoyment, Moby Dick Autoflower delivers a satisfying and powerful cannabis experience.

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